2018 New Year, new adventure

A new year is upon us. Another year to witness and experience all that life has to offer. No resolutions for me this time around. I’m simply making better use of my time, my resources and remembering to ‘be’ in the moments when they’re happening.

2017 is gone, and I’m ready to move on.

Just some of the things I plan on accomplishing (heaven, health and heart willing) are writing and publishing the third book in my Eternal Journey series. Have fun places to go, and things to see that will make for some wonderful memories. Being a bridesmaid in a friend’s wedding is incentive for getting healthier.

There is much life to get on with. There’s books, movies, theater and concerts I want to check out. There’s people I want to spend time with. There’s shopping, enjoying food, drinks and even new perfumes to try.

New apps, games and social media to get confused by and frustrated with!

Of course, not to forget new people to meet, new readers, and new heartbreaks too. The bad and ugly are part of the deal; that’s just life.

I’m all in for this new year and new adventure! Feel free to share here what you’re looking forward to in this new year.

Bring it 2018!


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For the life and a smile of a child

With the holiday season among us, I thought I would reflect on another aspect of giving that spoke to me this year.

One day while at lunch, I saw a leaflet for the annual St. Jude’s Walk (Seattle), and was moved to get involved. I raised some money and got a couple of friends to walk with me, and it was a wonderful (if not soggy) experience.

I knew from then that I would rally and support this amazing cause. I stand behind the concept of stomping out childhood cancer. The idea that no family ever gets a bill, so they can focus on what’s important-being there for the child they so desperately want to live.

Then a celebrity favorite of mine hosts an event every year during Comic-con in San Diego. It’s free to the public to check out games, tech, charge phones and grab some food/drink. In addition, there’s the opportunity to have an informal/non-moderated panel discussions with various convention favorites (mostly actors, writers, producers, etc.) for a nominal fee. 100% of this fee goes to the incredible international charity – Operation Smile. Even fees from celebrity photo ops/signings go to this organization.

I decided to look more into Operation Smile. I watched videos, testimonials/stories from not only those who support this charity, but those who have benefitted from others generosity as well. It is mind-blowing that just $240 and about an hour can change the life of a child born with a cleft lip/palette FOREVER. Giving a child the gift of a smile! Many of these children are ostracized from their families. Not to mention the fact that infections and malnutrition are prevalent issues resulting in sad, unnecessary deaths.

Once again, I was brought to tears. I am proud to support these two worthwhile organizations. There are so many out there, so many meaningful and wonderful  causes to support. I found two that spoke to me.

Operation Smile Children operation smile to raise funds for 500 ...

I hope to contribute more in the years to come to both St. Jude’s and Operation Smile. I firmly, with all my heart believe that

Every child deserves to live, and every child that lives deserves to smile.

May you create fond memories while living a life well lived. May you always laugh at yourself and love ’til your heart overflows.

If you find ANY organization that speaks to you, whether it’s for kids, animals, veterans, underprivileged neighborhoods or developing countries, whatever it is; let some of that overflow lead you to get involved.

Happy Holiday Season!

Live Laugh Love

Thank You Dad

My father’s name was George. In his youth, he was strapping, dashing and charismatic.


He got the girl of his dreams, a hot dish named Ella.


They had three kids, of which I am the third, alas the baby. Was I spoiled being the youngest? Maybe. Was I a daddy’s girl?


He was the good cop to mom’s bad cop, coming in and holding me until the body-wracking sobs slowly calmed. He taught me how to ride a bike, and let me play outside when I should have been practicing piano. He made the food I had to clear off my plate disappear like magic.

He could construct practically anything from any material, and though it took me a while to finally catch on; he was the expert gift-wrapping elf for Santa (putting all department store wrapping to shame; to shame.)

To me, there wasn’t a fact he didn’t know, or a joke he wouldn’t tell. Even up to his last day on earth, he was generous, kind, and always had polished shoes! Anyone who knew him, would hear his common catchphrase,

“Thank you kindly”

My dad was my hero, my everything. He took such good care of me.

In honor of my dad, George, I treated and cared for myself today.

A stroll through the beautiful Arboretum, then Japanese Garden, followed by staking out a corner slice of shade to relax and read.

The gentle breeze on my face was heavenly. Clear blue sky, sunshine, vibrant colors all around me, folks making their own memories, while the birds sang their joy. 20180617_140809

Hmmm, maybe heaven was involved in the orchestration of this magnificent day after all.

For that daddy, and all the beautiful memories I will cherish forever,

Thank you kindly.




February Feels

Today, the 1st of February has been a day full of ‘feels’.

It began with waking up with the crud. Talking poster child for a Nyquil ad; The sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, fever, didn’t rest well the night before crud.

The ‘Feels’ was ICK.

After calling into work, and snoozing off and on, I decided to escape in a good movie. I know unless you know them, or have seen them, discussing them in this format doesn’t really do them justice. Suffice it to say, I’m sharing here anyway!

‘Remember Sunday’ starring Alexis Bledel and Zachary Levi, (whom I adore). Synopsis:

Gus is a guy who due to a brain injury has lost his short-term memory; Literally forgetting the entire day before when he goes to sleep. He has a system that brings him up to speed every morning, with a routine and support system in place.

Molly is a spunky waitress who, though broke, goes to school at night, hoping to one day have her own flower business. The two meet, and I won’t spoil anything here, but they have an incredible story of taking chances, risks, and finding for them the power of love and acceptance.

2013 ‘Remember Sunday’
‘The Enchanted Cottage’ starring Robert Young and Dorothy McGuire. Synopsis: An once impressive manor, now reduced to one wing that has been turned into a cottage. It was popular with honeymooning couples.

Oliver is a pilot who comes to the cottage to recuperate after an injury in battle leaves his face and hand disfigured. He wants to get away from his old life that included an overbearing mother, strict step-father, and former fiancee’, with whom before the injury had planned to honeymoon at this very cottage.

Laura is a woman who returned home looking for a job, acutely aware how unattractive her appearance is by others. She finds housekeeping work with the widow who runs the cottage.

Together the two of them find that love can be healing in its own way. By looking at the inside, their newfound beauty unfolds. Because of their love, (and the enchantment of the cottage), they each see the other without any scars or flaws.


1945 ‘The Enchanted Cottage’


‘If Only’ starring Jennifer Love Hewitt and Paul Nicholls. Synopsis:

Samantha is an American studying music in London. She has a live-in boyfriend she adores, Ian, who is completely focused on his career.

Ian loves Samantha, but unknown to her, has his reasons for being driven by work.

A single day in their lives, gives a glimpse of how one-sided their romance truly is. Tragedy strikes, and one is left with the pain of loss and things unsaid.

Fate (and Tom Wilkinson as an eerily wise taxi driver) spins the lovers a second chance, sorta! It is a story of making the most of each day and appreciating those you love.

   2006  ‘If Only’

So, a marathon of tear-jerker romances.

The ‘Feels’ were all ugly crying that led to an even more stuffed up nose.

Lastly, I got on Facebook to read a status post from a bestie that again brought on the waterworks. This time, it was about the nasty ‘C’ word (cancer) and how it reminds us that no one is exempt once it sets in. Like many others out there, I’ve lost loved ones to cancer, but the today, the tears were more from remembering the love felt and not the loss. I copied and pasted the post to my status as requested.

So, February 1st. A day of ‘Feels’.












Glassybaby and Macklemore

Ok, I know you’re asking, what does one have to do with the other? Nothing directly, nor indirectly if truth be known.

It is just that one is how I started my day, while the other is how I ended it.

Today was to be an early rise. Armed with Starbucks and umbrella, I joined my friends and hundreds of others in the wet, cold, dark hours of the morning to queue up for the Seattle Glassybaby Seconds (Imperfects) event.

I was prepared for it to be crowded, which was an understatement to say the least. It was well organized, if not a bit overwhelming for this introvert. Still, I was able to find two beautiful pieces to call my own. My very first Glassbabys! Loved the ‘Perfectly Imperfect’ t-shirt, so had to get one too.

(I couldn’t tell you how they’re defects!)



Jump hours later in the afternoon, where I met up with my handsome son to browse, shop, and take in a movie. We chatted about the movie while walking amongst the busy downtown crowds. As we’re about to walk by a nicely dressed dad who was taking a picture of his pretty lady and little girl. I thought, ‘Aw, a sweet family moment.’

As we walked past them, my son nudges me. I look up at him as he whispers, ‘Macklemore‘. Of course I whip my head around to verify. Sure enough, it was him!

We kept walking, as is only respectful. If others noticed him, they were thankfully observing and respecting his privacy as well.

I do though wish there had been a chill way to have re-played that moment (recognizing him sooner), and just do a casual, walk-by ‘Love Ya’ as I passed!

It was cool to see a celebrity performer you truly enjoy and are excited to see in person. What a fun way to end a wonderfully perfect Saturday; friends, fine glass, family and a famous rapper!


Cypress Groves is here!

I read a quote long ago that, at the time made me smile. I came across it again just today, and like before, it made me smile.

“Life is not measured by how many breaths you take,

but by how many moments take your breath away.” (author unknown)

2017 has held so many breath-taking moments for me. Some were joyous, happy, funny, magical times while others were sorrowful and sad.

All in all though, I have to appreciate every one of them. They each gave me something to ponder, remember, cherish, learn and grow from.

In saying that, one such recent moment was the release of my second book in the  Eternal Journey Series, Cypress Groves.

Cypress Groves Cover Art

‘Secrets of the past,
Danger in the present,
all for love that’s

I’m also working on a video trailer (which should have come BEFORE the release, but there you go!). Once it’s done, I’ll share here. It’s not the filmed production like with Lavender Fields, but it’s been fun (and frustrating) to work on.

I’m also starting an Instagram account. (I know, finally!) More on that later.

Next year means new resolutions, plans, mistakes and surprises to be had.

Bring them on I say!

For now, I’m just taking in the energy of the holiday season. Spending time with friends and family, working and relaxing in somewhat equal parts.

I wish everyone a beautiful, safe, memorable and blessed holiday and a promising new year!


If you need a new book to cozy up with during your winter vacation, here’s a shameless self-promoted suggestion!

Cypress Groves by Raegyn Perry

eBook: https://www.amazon.com/Cypress-Groves-Eternal-Journey-Book-ebook/dp/B0788TGB2P

Print: https://www.amazon.com/Cypress-Groves-Eternal-Journey-Raegyn/dp/1625266995

Enjoy the journey!

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Book Two Release date!

At long last, it is with much excitement that I am able to announce that Cypress Groves, the second book in the Eternal Journey series has a release date!

December 15, 2017

Cypress Groves Cover Art

Angela Donovan, back from Boston as a single mom is ready to start over again. Coming home though awakens old memories of a past she wishes to forget. She works to make a good life for herself and her young daughter.

The last thing she expects, is to fall for the handsome new sheriff, Tre Michaels.

With a horrific tragedy on his watch, Tre knows there’s no time to entertain romance, though he’s captivated by the beautiful Angela.

For Angela, the mysterious Tre raises more questions than he answers.

For Tre, his own past reminds him he was never meant for a happily ever after.

Amongst the darkness and danger that befalls the small town of Roy, Washington, is even love possible?

So, stuff happens

My day started off with an early morning road trip planned. The car needed gas, so I made the stop. I admit I’m one of those who don’t fill the tank at every filling. With a 90 minute or so drive, it seemed prudent to fill up.

I set the hold on the trigger, thinking I would grab coffee and a snack. After doctoring up my coffee and getting a meat, cheese, nut pack, I went to pay.

The gentleman ahead of me stepped aside so I could put my things on the counter. As I pulled out my wallet for my card, the guy hands the attendant a $20 bill, saying “This is for the lady’s items.”

Wow, unexpected and appreciated! I thanked the nice man, shaking his hand as we introduced ourselves.

So, like the title above says, stuff happens.

If you know where this story is going, feel free to chuckle and shake your head now.

Since I was feeling so good about this random stranger ‘paying it forward’, I got into my car, cranking up ‘Portugal. the. Man’ after starting the ignition, and pulled off to start my road trip.

What about the gas you ask?

Oh yeah, that.

I remembered it AFTER I heard the loud THUNK! Yeah, I forgot about the pump. I picked up the ‘road kill’ looking hose, returning it to the scene of the crime.

The attendant was very patient and understanding. I’m a regular customer, so he just gave me the form to complete for insurance. He said it wasn’t the first , nor the last time that would happen. I joked, saying “I hope it will be for me!”

With a full tank and no damage to my gas door, I take a deep breath and begin my trip again.

So, stuff STILL happens.

What else could have possibly have happened now you ask?

I’m going to tell you.

I pull onto the road, heading toward the exit to get on the highway. I look in my rearview mirror. WTF?

Upon inspection after pulling over, it appeared that when I abruptly stopped (the THUNK, remember), something in the trunk slammed against the window. Yep, shattered.

Luckily, contained.

Here I sit now at the auto glass store, waiting for my rear windshield to be replaced. Road trip cancelled. The plan for my adventure is now to add this experience into the plot of my next story.

I’m bummed about this turn of events, but in the whole scheme of things, it could have been worse. It serves as a self reminder to  stay alert and aware of my actions.

Also to remember, there are good people doing good things in the world and

stuff happens.

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