When I decided that this was to be a novel for others to one day read, it was a far off dream at best.

Well, it is no longer a dream! My debut novel has been released! I’m so proud to present to you….

Lavender Fields
Book One of the
Eternal Journey Series

Connor and Greye meet under distressing circumstances, but neither can dismiss the immediate, powerful attraction for one another.

Greye is a high level executive by day and an aspiring writer whenever she gets the time. Her imagination allows her to create worlds of incredible magic, heroes and romance. For now, she doesn’t want or need the real thing, until she meets him.

Connor loves many things; his Mustang, his furry best friend, and his job as a middle school English teacher. He is perfectly content with his bachelor status, and being the cool, favorite uncle. He wants for nothing, until he meets her.

Nothing worth having is easy, and Connor and Greye know this firsthand, as each has their own reason for keeping love at a safe distance. Sometimes though, love has other plans.

What if love found the right people at the wrong time?

Nightmares, unanswered clues, and odd connections lead Greye and Connor to discover that if their new love is to endure, they have to learn the truth and unravel an old mystery.

Enjoy the adventure of the first installment of the Eternal Journey series, where love is where it’s meant to be, just not when.

Eternal Journey Series Book 1-Lavender Fields
Lavender Fields

 For a love even time can’t deny.

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#Romance #Paranormal #NCarolina #Boston #Reincarnation #Mystery


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