Gory good fun-Fang-Tastic Thursday!

For day 4 of my book blog tour, I’ll be stopping by Fang-Tastic Books to do my promoting thing!

Because it’s Halloween, and speaking of fangs, I thought I’d switched it up a bit. I’m giving you all a teaser sneak-peek at Cypress Groves, book 2 in the Eternal Journey Series. If you’ve already read Lavender Fields, this will definitely make you take notice, as it’s still a romance, just a bit on the grimmer side! (Just wait til book 3!)

Here’s the link to check it out! Enjoy! Fang-tastic Books Blog


Bewitching Book Tour Day 3

Wednesday marks day 3 of my book tour of some of the coolest book blog sites! I’m so grateful to all who have featured Lavender Fields so far.

The tour continues with a stop on Wednesday to Around the World in Books

These bloggers work really hard, and it is quite impressive how many readers they connect with books and authors with these tours.

Stop by and say hello, look around and feel free to leave a comment!bewitching_author

Lavender, Teatime and Books!

Tuesday (or tomorrow) marks day 2 of my blog tour through Bewitching Book Tours. Teatime and Books  and   Zenny’s Awesome Book Reviews will be featuring Lavender Fields this time.

Both sites showcase new books and authors and is a cool place to maybe curl up with a warm cup of Earl Grey and read all about my Greye from Lavender Fields!

Stop by and give them a look. Feel free to leave a comment.

I should also mention, I’m giving away some cool goodies through this tour as well!

I’m back, and here’s what’s new!

No, I didn’t fall off the planet. I’m here, alive and kicking! Work and life requirements have kept me away, but alas, I am back!

What’s new you ask? A few things have been brewing actually. For starters tomorrow, Monday October 26th, my blog tour begins through Bewitching Tours.

Starting off with Literary Musings, http://literarymusing.weebly.com/,  as well as

A Bookaholics Fix: Feeding the addiction, http://bookaholicfix.wordpress.com/

On this tour, I hope to reach new potential readers and find out more about the blogs I’m visiting as well. I’ll Facebook and Tweet the sites I’m visiting during the week, so people can stop by and check them (I mean me) out! 🙂

What else is going on? I’m still working on getting some book signings together, and will have some of my own giveaway promos coming up for the holiday season.

One of my other passions is acting, which has only been some scattered stage work and commercials. I’m now enrolled in a voice-over acting class and so far, it looks to be a great investment and worthwhile venture. Looking forward to branching out and learning more about this type of skill. I’ll share more once we get more into it.


What if love found the right people, at the wrong time?

                                      Book Trailer: https://youtu.be/TvAsLeNIEQY

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Ghoulish Giveaway!

Have you ever looked for a good book, asked your friends, surfed the web, and still don’t have that book that grabs you? We’ve all been there.

Well, what if you could be presented with a variety of books by 44 beloved, barely known or brand spanking new authors, 69 different titles (different genres), and 135 chances to win (a FREE book!), you’d check it out, right?

My friend, Marie Lavender has put together a fantastic Halloween Extravaganza Multi Author Book Giveaway! It’s a great way to find your next great book. Stop by her blog site, and best of luck!

(Have to plug #48, shameless I know!)


Paranormal Love- on a Wild, Wonderful Wednesday

Welcome to the Paranormal Love Wednesday blog hop! I’m Raegyn Perry, and I’ll be your host for this site!

Lavender Fields is a paranormal romance that centers on reincarnation. The idea of having lived another life in another time isn’t a new concept in fiction, or romance. It is however, a timeless idea in and of itself.

Here’s a blurb:

Torrential rain spikes. A scream pierces the dark night. Greye Fields has immersed herself in her literary work. She has a life she’s happy with. She won’t allow herself the time or the desire to pursue love.

Until she meets him.

Connor Donovan is perfectly content with his bachelor status. Life is good, teaching middle school English, and being the favorite uncle. He wants for nothing.

Until he meets her.

Shattered glass. A wash of blood. Is it a nightmare or a memory? Can Connor and Greye overcome the obstacles to the love of all time, or is tragedy doomed to be repeated?

Lavender Fields is funny, sexy, dark and raw. It asks the question,

What if love found the right people, at the wrong time?

Lavender Fields is available on Amazon (anywhere!) in eBook and paperback. Here’s the link to get your copy. Lavender Fields by Raegyn Perry

Be sure to HOP back to the Paranormal Love Wednesday page to check out the other blogs for some great paranormal romances!

For the love of lavender

Lavender Fields that is. Now that my debut novel, Lavender Fields is published and out in the world, the task of making others aware of its existence also rests with me. Of course, my publisher Solstice Publishing is amazing at supporting its authors, but as it is my book, I need to do my part.

So, in doing my part, I share here a couple of ways of getting the word out.

First, I’m having a facebook launch party. This is where people can jump online, go to a specific page location between certain times, and virtually ‘hang out’ or even ‘stop by’. There’s no dressing up, getting a sitter, fighting traffic, or even burning any gas involved. Leave your bus pass in your wallet, and don’t worry about a taxi or uber driver.

Facebook-Launch Party!

Sunday, Oct. 11th ~ 9am to 2pm~author Raegyn Perry

Feel free to drop by and say hello. Meet some new folks, and most importantly, learn more about me, and my new book, Lavender Fields.  Here is a promo ad put together by the always awesome A.b. Funkhauser.

quick blip ad

I also have a HeadTalker campaign, which is a way to give a promo piece an extra infusion of media attention. You get at least 25 people to support you via feeds on their fb, twitter, Instagram, etc., and on the given deadline date (if the 25 are met), the blurb piece goes out to all the connections of those 25 people. I need just 7 more, so I’m pushing for a little more support – hint, hint!

Lavender Fields headtalker

 NOTE: It says to support Melissa Miller, who is my publishing CEO. She sets all of these up for us, all 200+ of us. We appreciate her immensely, her and ALL of the team at Solstice.

Also, just because I’m sharing, here is what a dream come true looks like (and actually feels like in my hands!)

20151009_170200                                                          For a teaser treat, here’s an excerpt:

Locked within the mass of people vying for entry, Connor, who easily stood above most of the others, casually took in his surroundings. He was impressed by the considerable effort and time he could see was taken to put this event together. He imagined no child here would be going to sleep tonight with being read a chapter or two of Bumblebears Adventure in the Land of Zofar, his brothers’ kids included.

Panning around at all the sights of the room, his eye caught and fixed on her. If he’d been looking for a sign, this most surely had to be one. Someone pushed on his back, prompting him to move forward. As the crowd dispersed, his family included, he moved his feet in her direction.

“Well, if it isn’t Lavender Fields, again.”

“It’s Greye Fields. You remembered my lotion from the park. Good memory.”

Realizing he was still holding her hand after the customary two second rule, she looked up at him. His smile widened, and with an igniting grin said, “Memories are, after all, strongly tied with scent. I won’t be forgetting you anytime soon, Greye Fields.”

Lavender Fields is now available NOW in eBook and print on Amazon. I’ve taken the liberty to put the direct purchase link right in the title!

Facebook Launch Party-This Sunday, Oct. 11th from 9am to 2pm

Headtalker support campaign -Please and Thank you!