This is a blog-jack! Tammie takes over!

Hey all! You don’t know me, but I’m the best friend, Tammie. I’m hi-jacking Raegyn’s World today to turn the tables and interview HER!

Now, we’ve been friends for going on a hundred years.

Whoa there chika, speak for yourself old lady. You ARE a full year older, just saying.

Whatever, so friends for more like 35 years, but the thing is, I know you-they don’t.

(Looking around this weirdly organized space of hers for the questions she’s always asking people.) Here we go…

Hey Peej, oops, haha! You’re a fancy published author type now with a pen name no one can pronounce.

What is so hard about it? It’s just spelled differently, but pronounced like the 40th President of the United States, Reagan.

If you say so, Raegyn. Hey, don’t give me that look, I’ve got this.

I’m not giving you a look. Just ask the questions already.

Wait, how did you come up with Raegyn (‘like the 40th President of the United States’)

See, there you go. That’s a good question. Tinged with a little smart- ass, but…..I took the letters of my mother’s, father’s and my name and rearranged them until I came up with something different, and uniquely my own.

Well, you succeeded there.

Thank you.

You are welcome. It feels like forever you’ve been working on Lavender Fields. How did you finally get published?

I wrote Lavender Fields many years ago. I had the idea even long before I started writing it. I thought it was ready for the world when it really wasn’t. I revised it some, shelved it for a while, revised it again, and got many rejection letters and emails when I put it out there. One day, after corresponding with Kate at Solstice, I decided to try once again. I literally, held my breath, closed my eyes and hit send.

Wow, so dramatic!

Thanks. I’m choosing to ignore the sarcasm there. Anyway, I received an email back that they wanted it, and they sent me a contract.

Yes, it was about time! The world is ready for it. What is Lavender Fields about anyway?

It’s a paranormal romance that centers around reincarnation, so it’s basically two romances. Lavender Fields is the love story of Connor Donovan and Greye Fields, who through a less than impressive first meeting, find themselves in a relationship that’s tested in more than one way. Strange coincidences, nightmares and odd clues take them on a journey that could end their love forever, or be the beginning of forever.

It’s part of a trilogy right? What happens next?

A supporting character (or more) from Lavender Fields start their own journey toward love, and some interesting, twisted revelations are uncovered.

For those who are not your BFF, how do they get their hands on your book?

Solstice Publishing



       How are you promoting Lavender Fields? Oprah?

I wish, Oprah! Ellen would be cool too! Anyway, On October 11th, I’m having a facebook launch party from 9am to 2pm. On my Raegyn Perry author page. It’ll be a fun way to get people to stop by and chat, post, share, like, AND win some super cool prizes and swag with trivia, games, etc.

You mentioned something about a blog tour didn’t you?

Yes, thanks for the reminder. I’ll be blog touring the last week of October with Bewitching Book Tours, and will have an ad run with Fangtastic Books. I will also pop up on other author blogs here and there.

What about real live author-like book signings?

Yes, I do plan on doing some of those as well. I’ll post on Twitter, fb, and here as they come up.

You are shooting some of the cool launch party swag my way right?

Yes, love I will. You’re hosting an hour of the fb launch party remember?

That’s right! Dude, do you remember what nickname we used to call each other back in school?

You mean other than ‘dude’? Um, oh I remember, Maynard!

Yes, we called each other Maynard! I remember that!

What was that thing we used to do on the clear coffin floor of Chicago Louie’s?

We danced my friend. We danced!

You bet your bootie we did! This interviewing stuff is fun. Who can I interview next?

Anyone you want. Great job! You’ve been my best friend forever, and I will always appreciate your love, support, and general bff-ness more than you will ever know. You get me!

Gah. You know I don’t really do the mushy gushy stuff.

Yes, you do. You’re a sweet, kind, loving, fun spirit. You just tend to tell people exactly how you feel, exactly how you feel like it, exactly when you feel like it.

You do get me.

Yes, I do Maynard. Yes I do.

Image result for downloadable old women best friends(credit:

Us one day!


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