Reincarnation- A past life remembered

Ok, I’m going to touch on a subject that can be controversial, but is relevant to me as a writer. Many people have an opinion on this, and I do welcome your thoughts here.

REINCARNATION- as most commonly defined is, the belief that one has lived and experienced a former or past life (single or multiple) before this one.

This is a topic that has been researched, written about, and debated for years. In researching for my romance story, Lavender Fields, I found the idea of reincarnation fascinating. One of the many data studies I looked into was the work of Dr. Ian Stevenson, (Google him!) who had interesting findings, and very strong thoughts on the matter.

There is the approach of studying cases of reincarnation through the process of hypnosis, which is allowing a person to regress in their mind to find snippets of memories of a previous life.

There is also much debate that though hypnosis is somewhat reliable for research, isn’t an end all be all validation of the stories given.

What, for me at least, was compelling was the many documented stories of young children. These were children who could recall being other people in other times, and places without the use of hypnosis. Coaching, grooming? I thought about that as well. For arguments sake, I’m going to go with the assumption that these children were NOT given pre-conceived ideas or creative license in their recollections.

In the study and studies conducted by many scientists and other in the field found the following to be most useful in concluding these stories to have validity.

*Children would recognize, or be able to describe in vivid detail homes, neighborhoods, or locations they have never visited. Some of these places through the years have existed, though changed considerably from the remembered time frame.

*Children would recognize still living friends or family members from the previous life. With detailed and verifiable knowledge of the person’s life they remembered being.

*Children could at times recall the manner in which they died, which lent speculation regarding current birth marks and birth defects that correlated with the wounds or traits of the person from the previous life.

Dr. Stevenson had the theory that although a child may not have conscious memories, their interests, aptitudes and phobias may have formed by experiences they may have forgotten. He also concluded that human personalities may not completely be the product of genetic material inherited as well as pre and post-natal environment.

Stevenson, I believe, through articles and interviews given that he felt many things could not always be explained by genetics, such as:

*Early childhood phobias, as well as the remarkable and somewhat spontaneous abilities a child would develop.

*Children who could speak other languages that weren’t part of their immediate familial culture.

*Children convinced they were the of the wrong sex (I know this area has been discussed without reincarnation even being a consideration)

I could go on and on about the studies, and research and findings. There is much to discuss and argue about when it comes to this subject, one which I won’t touch, being religion. Not going there.

For my romance, Lavender Fields, I simply wanted my lovers of the past to get another shot at love. Set in a time when their love was taboo, and severely punishable, it took finding each other again through reincarnation to have another chance to be together.

What if love found the right people, at the wrong time?

Whatever your views are regarding reincarnation, I simply found it to be a unique phenomenon that would make for an interesting take in a contemporary romance story.

A love even time cannot deny.


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