A Concert, A Signing, and A Play

A lot has been going on over the past week, and rather than writing three separate posts, I’ll just share it all here.

A Concert Weekend:

Friday, my good buddy Jeanne and I headed down to Portland to attend one of our favorite musicians in concert-Glen Hansard.

If you’ve never heard of him, Google him right now. He’s the front man for a long-time Irish band called the Frames, and he was the ‘guy’ in the indie Irish movie, ‘Once’. (of which the song he wrote, Falling Slowly, won an Academy award!)

Anyway, he’s doing his solo ‘Didn’t he Ramble’ tour, and it seems cliché, but it was such a magical experience. His voice, stage presence, showmanship, consideration and genuine Irish-ness made for a fantastic night. At the stage door,  he mentioned his throat was a bit sore, so I gave him a couple lozenges. That’s just the type of fan I am. I take care of my musical geniuses!


We then headed back to Seattle, to see him again perform at the Moore! Still amazing!

Now, on to me!  🙂

I’m over the moon about my very first ever book signing! If you live anywhere near Bellevue, Washington-stop by and say hello! It’s a 15 author book signing event just in time for the holidays. There’ll be books galore and prizes to be given away. Here’s the promo piece.

BellevueSigning banner

Then there’s the play I wrote years ago. It’s called Daisy Juice, and it’s a drama about fate, choices, family and consequences. It’s had a couple of private readings, along with being submitted a couple of times, even as recent as this year. It has still not been produced yet, and I’m still hoping to change that.

An incredibly talented and dear friend of mine, Micki Selvitella, has collaborated with me in putting together a production proposal for a playhouse in Portland, Oregon. I’ll keep you posted on what happens. It’s a prospect I’m excited about pursuing! Until next time.

Thanks for stopping by!


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