Oh what a year

2015. Now gone, but for me, a pivotal and exciting year. I was healthy, had time with my son and my friends. Got my novel published, and from that, lots of whirlwind things happened. I made a video trailer for the book, did some traveling, and to end the year, started a new job.

In 2015, I visited some old friends, and even made some new ones. I  took advantage of new opportunities and experiences that opened to me. 2015 was a good year. Yes, there were some not so happy moments, but to end a year on a positive, upbeat note is worth its weight in gold as far as I’m concerned.

Now to look ahead to this new year, 2016. Another year of absolutely anything being possible. Do I have any resolutions for the upcoming year? Actually, no.

I’ve decided I’m going to make what I want happen, and forge ahead with whatever comes my way. Every encounter, every story heard or shared will be a gift. Every smile, every hello and laugh, a reminder that I’m here, living and breathing, and part of this world. Do I have plans for the new year? You bet I do!

I’ll post here as I progress on the second story of the Eternal Journey Series, Cypress Groves. A character from Lavender Fields has set out on their own journey, and there’ll be some surprises and revelations, as well as a new paranormal element. Oh, and of course there’s romance!

I wish everyone a year of being good to one another, and finding the beauty and joy that is out there, all around us, if we just dare to see it.



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