For today, I write

Now that the holidays are over, it’s all about finding the rhythm, starting the routine, and lighting the fire. For me, that means getting organized, having my “tools” if you will, and feeling the scorch under my bum!  🙂

For today, I begin revisiting the world of Cypress Grove, book two of the Eternal Journey Series.

I started a new day job in December, and like everyone else, my routine changed drastically and my writing waned.

As the French say, “C’est la vie” No spilled milk here to cry over. I love my life, am blessed to have it, and I just roll with it.

My story board is up (yay!) and the voices are being heard in the distant recesses of my brain. Don’t be alarmed or concerned for me, this is my normal! There is a dark, mysterious stranger heading toward the town of Roy, Washington as well as a new (also a bit of a curiosity) sheriff in charge. A character met in Lavender Fields is about to embark on a journey involving both the stranger and the lawman. This character has no idea what’s in store, but I promise you…it’s downright paranormal!

Many readers of Lavender Fields have asked me if Cypress Groves will be as raw, funny and steamy (oh how I blush then!). All I do is pull my best innocent look, shrug the shoulders and say, “mmmmm…wait and find out!” Of course with a big smile on my face!

Alright, enough chat here. I’m off to see a manuscript about a story.

Oh, before I forget, I have every intention of hosting some friends who want to drop into Raegyn’s World. New authors, new books, and even some actor and filmmaker friends visiting.

Thanks for stopping by!




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