Share the LOVE- Valentines Giveaway

Calling all Cupid’s! 

As a romance author, I’m always thinking about love, romance, passion, and all the wonderful and sometimes sappy things that go along with it.

In honor of Valentine’s day, I thought I’d post a giveaway, inspired by all that is LOVE.

For this giveaway (entries drawn randomly), I’m looking for a few lines of what your most romantic moment or most romantic idea is.

Post your lines about love in the comments to enter, and on Valentine’s day, a winner will be chosen to win a beautiful and romance themed gift basket. (Hint: There may be chocolate and an extra surprise included!)

Be sure to leave a way to reach you so I can connect if you’ve won!

All I can tell you is this; When love is right, it’s true. When it’s true, it’s forever.  ~

Heath Cross, Lavender Fields

Love is what makes the world go round after all! Remember to embrace it and enjoy the ride!

Valentine Hearts | Shanna Hatfield
(credit: Shanna Hatfield)




3 thoughts on “Share the LOVE- Valentines Giveaway

    1. Hey Darla! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I have a gift basket full of goodies to celebrate this day of love! Send me your mailing address (, and I’ll ship it out to you. Hope you had a wonderfully LOVEly day!

      Hugs, Raegyn


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