Spotlight Guest-Geoffery Simmons

Well, hello there.

Oh, I see I have your attention now!

Who is that beautiful man you ask? What beautiful man?

Oh…THAT guy? That’s just my dear old friend Geoffery!

OK, kidding aside. It is with a tremendous amount of pride, I present a feature spotlight on a man who is kind, thoughtful, generous, funny, and did I mention talented? No?

This triple + threat can act, sing, dance and charm swooning hearts in a single bound. Seriously, someone should test his DNA. He is the one, the only…

Geoffery Simmons

I had the joy of meeting and working with Geoffery years ago on stage, and have been delighted to see his star continue to soar ever since. He is a SAG and AEA member, who’s worked in theater, stage, film and TV.

Geoffery is a wonderful husband, dad and granddad (yep, it’s true). His beautiful family is his heart, and his body of work speaks volumes about his tireless determination to constantly hone and perfect his craft.

Where can one see this amazingly talented actor? Glad you asked!

Geoffery is currently cast in an upcoming Village Theatre production of

My Heart is The Drum  which runs March 17 – April 24, 2016.

This inspired musical tells the journey of Efua Kuti, a young woman from a small village in Ghana who decides to go after her dreams, despite the many obstacles in her path.

I may post pictures here after I’ve attended.

If by chance, you’re in the Issaquah, Washington area, I highly recommend you check this show out. As a huge Geoffery fan I cannot wait to see my friend do what he clearly loves and does best…entertain the masses.

For more information on Geoffery, stop by his website. Geoffery Simmons

His gallery will no doubt delight you, and his demo reel will absolutely impress you.






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