Lavender Fields free eBook!

Have you seen the beautiful cover? Have you heard about the story of Greye Fields? Do you know where you can get a free copy of the eBook?

No you say?

Let me help you with that.

Mark your calendars – Wednesday, May 25th (a mere 3 weeks from now), the romance novel that refuses to be pigeon-holed and type-cast as just a romance, will be FREE on Amazon or through Solstice Publishing!

Find out what has readers laughing, crying and fanning themselves about.

Lavender Fields is the story of Greye Fields and Connor Donovan. They come from vastly different backgrounds with not much in common except an inexplicable connection that neither can deny. Their love doesn’t come easy, and they find what brought them together may be that which keeps them apart.

There’s tension, racism, rivalry, and family at the heart of a story about a journey that doesn’t end quite the way it begins.

Eternal Journey Series Book 1-Lavender Fields



What if love found the right people at the wrong time?

21 days from today! May 25th

Get your FREE copy and enjoy the first book in the Eternal Journey Series.



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