Author Spotlight – Sara St. John

It is my pleasure to invite to Raegyn’s World, the lovely and talented

Sara St. John

Sara is a wife, mother,  author and good friend. I had the pleasure of asking Sara a few questions  during her visit.

I’m so glad to have you here Sara! So tell us, what is the name of your book?

It’s called Beloved (Book 1).

That’s a great title. Is Beloved published, if so, with whom?

It is published by Lulu publishing.

And what type of story is Beloved, and what is it about?

It is an epic love story! (Those are the best kinds of love stories!) A young woman, Kira meets a boy in a most special (supernatural) way, in her dreams – at least she thinks they’re her dreams.

Whoa, OK! My curiosity is piqued! May we get an excerpt, pretty please?

Though my eyes were closed, I could see him perfectly like I had in my dreams. My hands caressed his coarse black hair at the base of his head. I could feel the radiance of his smile forming in the corners of his mouth as he kissed me.

It was as if the whole world stood still. He wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me closer to him. I couldn’t feel my legs anymore, and I was waging a war with my lungs trying to catch my breath again. I couldn’t hear anything else around us, just the sounds of our hearts beating.

So Sara, where did the inspiration for Beloved come from?

I had a dream similar to Kira’s, and felt compelled to write about it, and see where the characters took me.


Tell me, what inspired the beautiful cover for the book? 

Oh, the woods… what mystery they’re filled with, so much life happens in the woods. Nothing like the smell of tall pines and earth.

Do you have a favorite ‘go to’ line or quote that inspires you?

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me,” Philippians 4:13 That’s life without limitations! 

What is one thing people may not know about you that you can share?

I am a night owl! My most productive hours are between midnight and 5 am, though I am generally tired by 8pm, because of my nutty life- I often feel most inspired well into the wee morning hours. I’ve been this way since I was a kid, it used to drive my parents nuts!


Well, what’s important is you acknowledge and take advantage of your productive hours! OK, now for the fun questions!

How did you and I meet?

Good ole Facebook, FWG I believe… (I believe you’re right. Good things come out of the many groups to be found on FB!) 

If Hollywood cast your book into a movie, who would you see as your ‘dream’ cast of, and for which characters? Oh, for Michael I think we’d see a Zac Efron type guy. I think he would fit the part well.

Zac Efron twerks and gives lap dance on TV show - Entertainment
Zac Efron  A “Dream” guy

Kristen Stewart WideScreen Wallpapers | HD Wallpapers

                   Kristen Stewart

But….is he a dream?

And for Kira, I think I’d envision a Kristen Stewart looking gal. Those are the two that pop into my head at first thought.

I think the silver screen version would do nicely with your casting ideas! Next question,


Do you listen to music while you write? If yes, who inspires you OR what’s a soundtrack for this book? I love listening to Bon Iver, very calming, very mysterious/ whimsical sounding. Soothing to my soul.

Nice. Not familiar with Bon Iver, but it’s good you have soothing soul sounds! Sidebar: Do you dance? Ha! I guess I used to, back-in-the-day… Gosh, it’s been a while

Anyone who knows me, knows….it’s never too late to dance! (Alfonso Ribeiro/Carlton)

What is your guilty pleasure? (something you are passionate, or a nerd about) Healthy eating (when I’m behaving myself) sustainability, I would love to have a cabin in the woods with plenty of space to have a huge garden and at least some chickens. I would love to be able to make or grow the things we’ve become accustomed to buying in the store, cut out the middle man type thing.

That’s a great idea. I love to grow things, but not great at it! You garden, I’ll help pick!

Where can people find your books? Everywhere! Lulu, Barnes and Noble, Amazon… You know, the usual places.

Fantastic! Well, Sara, I wish you all the success in your writing adventures! Continue being the amazing woman you are!

Thank you so much for stopping by!

Here’s links to –Beloved (Book 1) and Beloved (Book 1) Amazon






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