The Best Things

We all know the saying, that some of the best things in life are free. True, and some things are free that are in the best interest of your life. Take my romance novel, Lavender Fields for example. (see what I did there!)

Wednesday, May 25th, on Amazon, you can get your free eBook copy and enjoy the journey of love, chance, and choices. You can get it ‘digitally signed’ as well.

Find out why readers are laughing, crying and fanning themselves over the story of Connor Donovan and Greye Fields. Can they overcome the obstacles to the love of a lifetime, or is tragedy doomed to be repeated?

Eternal Journey Series Book 1-Lavender Fields

Their journey is one they didn’t expect,but one that wasn’t done with them yet. 

Enjoy the journey!

Cypress Groves – Book 2 of the Eternal Journey Series is almost finished!



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