For the life and a smile of a child

With the holiday season among us, I thought I would reflect on another aspect of giving that spoke to me this year.

One day while at lunch, I saw a leaflet for the annual St. Jude’s Walk (Seattle), and was moved to get involved. I raised some money and got a couple of friends to walk with me, and it was a wonderful (if not soggy) experience.

I knew from then that I would rally and support this amazing cause. I stand behind the concept of stomping out childhood cancer. The idea that no family ever gets a bill, so they can focus on what’s important-being there for the child they so desperately want to live.

Then a celebrity favorite of mine hosts an event every year during Comic-con in San Diego. It’s free to the public to check out games, tech, charge phones and grab some food/drink. In addition, there’s the opportunity to have an informal/non-moderated panel discussions with various convention favorites (mostly actors, writers, producers, etc.) for a nominal fee. 100% of this fee goes to the incredible international charity – Operation Smile. Even fees from celebrity photo ops/signings go to this organization.

I decided to look more into Operation Smile. I watched videos, testimonials/stories from not only those who support this charity, but those who have benefitted from others generosity as well. It is mind-blowing that just $240 and about an hour can change the life of a child born with a cleft lip/palette FOREVER. Giving a child the gift of a smile! Many of these children are ostracized from their families. Not to mention the fact that infections and malnutrition are prevalent issues resulting in sad, unnecessary deaths.

Once again, I was brought to tears. I am proud to support these two worthwhile organizations. There are so many out there, so many meaningful and wonderful  causes to support. I found two that spoke to me.

Operation Smile Children operation smile to raise funds for 500 ...

I hope to contribute more in the years to come to both St. Jude’s and Operation Smile. I firmly, with all my heart believe that

Every child deserves to live, and every child that lives deserves to smile.

May you create fond memories while living a life well lived. May you always laugh at yourself and love ’til your heart overflows.

If you find ANY organization that speaks to you, whether it’s for kids, animals, veterans, underprivileged neighborhoods or developing countries, whatever it is; let some of that overflow lead you to get involved.

Happy Holiday Season!

Live Laugh Love


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