Glassybaby and Macklemore

Ok, I know you’re asking, what does one have to do with the other? Nothing directly, nor indirectly if truth be known.

It is just that one is how I started my day, while the other is how I ended it.

Today was to be an early rise. Armed with Starbucks and umbrella, I joined my friends and hundreds of others in the wet, cold, dark hours of the morning to queue up for the Seattle Glassybaby Seconds (Imperfects) event.

I was prepared for it to be crowded, which was an understatement to say the least. It was well organized, if not a bit overwhelming for this introvert. Still, I was able to find two beautiful pieces to call my own. My very first Glassbabys! Loved the ‘Perfectly Imperfect’ t-shirt, so had to get one too.

(I couldn’t tell you how they’re defects!)



Jump hours later in the afternoon, where I met up with my handsome son to browse, shop, and take in a movie. We chatted about the movie while walking amongst the busy downtown crowds. As we’re about to walk by a nicely dressed dad who was taking a picture of his pretty lady and little girl. I thought, ‘Aw, a sweet family moment.’

As we walked past them, my son nudges me. I look up at him as he whispers, ‘Macklemore‘. Of course I whip my head around to verify. Sure enough, it was him!

We kept walking, as is only respectful. If others noticed him, they were thankfully observing and respecting his privacy as well.

I do though wish there had been a chill way to have re-played that moment (recognizing him sooner), and just do a casual, walk-by ‘Love Ya’ as I passed!

It was cool to see a celebrity performer you truly enjoy and are excited to see in person. What a fun way to end a wonderfully perfect Saturday; friends, fine glass, family and a famous rapper!


2018 New Year, new adventure

A new year is upon us. Another year to witness and experience all that life has to offer. No resolutions for me this time around. I’m simply making better use of my time, my resources and remembering to ‘be’ in the moments when they’re happening.

2017 is gone, and I’m ready to move on.

Just some of the things I plan on accomplishing (heaven, health and heart willing) are writing and publishing the third book in my Eternal Journey series. Have fun places to go, and things to see that will make for some wonderful memories. Being a bridesmaid in a friend’s wedding is incentive for getting healthier.

There is much life to get on with. There’s books, movies, theater and concerts I want to check out. There’s people I want to spend time with. There’s shopping, enjoying food, drinks and even new perfumes to try.

New apps, games and social media to get confused by and frustrated with!

Of course, not to forget new people to meet, new readers, and new heartbreaks too. The bad and ugly are part of the deal; that’s just life.

I’m all in for this new year and new adventure! Feel free to share here what you’re looking forward to in this new year.

Bring it 2018!


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