February Feels

Today, the 1st of February has been a day full of ‘feels’.

It began with waking up with the crud. Talking poster child for a Nyquil ad; The sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, fever, didn’t rest well the night before crud.

The ‘Feels’ was ICK.

After calling into work, and snoozing off and on, I decided to escape in a good movie. I know unless you know them, or have seen them, discussing them in this format doesn’t really do them justice. Suffice it to say, I’m sharing here anyway!

‘Remember Sunday’ starring Alexis Bledel and Zachary Levi, (whom I adore). Synopsis:

Gus is a guy who due to a brain injury has lost his short-term memory; Literally forgetting the entire day before when he goes to sleep. He has a system that brings him up to speed every morning, with a routine and support system in place.

Molly is a spunky waitress who, though broke, goes to school at night, hoping to one day have her own flower business. The two meet, and I won’t spoil anything here, but they have an incredible story of taking chances, risks, and finding for them the power of love and acceptance.

2013 ‘Remember Sunday’
‘The Enchanted Cottage’ starring Robert Young and Dorothy McGuire. Synopsis: An once impressive manor, now reduced to one wing that has been turned into a cottage. It was popular with honeymooning couples.

Oliver is a pilot who comes to the cottage to recuperate after an injury in battle leaves his face and hand disfigured. He wants to get away from his old life that included an overbearing mother, strict step-father, and former fiancee’, with whom before the injury had planned to honeymoon at this very cottage.

Laura is a woman who returned home looking for a job, acutely aware how unattractive her appearance is by others. She finds housekeeping work with the widow who runs the cottage.

Together the two of them find that love can be healing in its own way. By looking at the inside, their newfound beauty unfolds. Because of their love, (and the enchantment of the cottage), they each see the other without any scars or flaws.


1945 ‘The Enchanted Cottage’


‘If Only’ starring Jennifer Love Hewitt and Paul Nicholls. Synopsis:

Samantha is an American studying music in London. She has a live-in boyfriend she adores, Ian, who is completely focused on his career.

Ian loves Samantha, but unknown to her, has his reasons for being driven by work.

A single day in their lives, gives a glimpse of how one-sided their romance truly is. Tragedy strikes, and one is left with the pain of loss and things unsaid.

Fate (and Tom Wilkinson as an eerily wise taxi driver) spins the lovers a second chance, sorta! It is a story of making the most of each day and appreciating those you love.

   2006  ‘If Only’

So, a marathon of tear-jerker romances.

The ‘Feels’ were all ugly crying that led to an even more stuffed up nose.

Lastly, I got on Facebook to read a status post from a bestie that again brought on the waterworks. This time, it was about the nasty ‘C’ word (cancer) and how it reminds us that no one is exempt once it sets in. Like many others out there, I’ve lost loved ones to cancer, but the today, the tears were more from remembering the love felt and not the loss. I copied and pasted the post to my status as requested.

So, February 1st. A day of ‘Feels’.