Happy Holidays!

I have many fond memories of Christmas as a child. I was blessed with amazing parents who made sure I had those childhood moments to reflect on now. What I wouldn’t give to have them with me now. Aside from the warm and festive decorations and generous gifts, there was laughter, hugs and smiles. Mostly there was just love.

It breaks my heart to think this is not the memory of the holidays for everyone. We live in a time of discord, poverty, homelessness, and illness all over the world.

At this time of year (and all through it), I want to remember those who are less fortunate, and celebrate those who give and share love selflessly.

If you are lonely, sad, bereaved or unwell, (or know someone who is), know there is help and hope.

Depression Hotline Number:    800-662-4357

If you are blessed; be a little kinder, give a smile, spare a dime, be patient and humble.

Remember peace and love are the best gifts.  Share where you can, be safe,  reflect, and be grateful.

Beautiful and bountiful blessings!

macro photography of snowflake
Photo by Egor Kamelev on Pexels.com

Holidays, Romance, and a good read

As the song suggests, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. I look forward to the holiday season with all the joy (and let’s face it, extra pounds) it brings.

There’s so much to do and see. Family and friends to spend time with. Maybe you’re hosting a get together, or traveling this holiday. Retailers are doing their best to reel in business with cyber every day deals.

The weather is turning colder, with frost on the windows and in some places, mounds of snow on the ground. My neighborhood turns into a beautiful winter wonderland, and I cross my fingers for at least one snow day from work!

How does this sound? Comfy pj’s, complete with warm socks on a chair with feet up. Fireplace going and a warm cup of something on the side table.

One thing missing: a good book to escape with.

Here comes the awesome promo part!

My friend, the amazing Marie Lavender, has once again outdone herself with her annual


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I’m giving away both eBook and paperback copies of Lavender Fields and Cypress Groves. There is also a pretty sweet gift basket for one lucky winner.

Check out the details and enter this wonderful giveaway. Remember, books also make excellent gifts!

Happy Holidays! Thanks for stopping by!